4 Last-Minute Easy July 4th Crafts

It’s Thursday. Family is coming into town in just a few short hours. Or perhaps you’re packing up to leave town, but need to bring some quick crafts on the road.

Don’t upend your craft corner or spend hours lost on Pinterest. The Parish Group is here to help. We’ve filtered the entire internet and found four festive Independence Day projects that are simple, quick to organize, and appropriate for kids of all skills and ages.

Magazine Mosaic Flag

The supplies for this project could literally be pulled from your recycling bin, eliminating your need for shopping and making this a great lesson in environmentalism. That’s the kind of win-win scenario that makes America great, right? Grab some old magazines and try this project from Crafts by Amanda.

July 4th crafts

American Flag Hand Print Hearts

This could be a project in itself, or you could place these along the edges of a paper tablecloth at your outdoor cookout. Either way, it’s a fun opportunity to get a little dirty. Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks also outlines all her “oops” moments so you can avoid any craft-time fireworks. Give these hand print hearts a try.

July 4th crafts

Patriotic Paper Lanterns

The Crafting Chicks have a great project that makes homemade look store-bought. Get creative with these paper lanterns by using large paper punches, stickers, ribbon, and paint. A great idea to jazz up a patriotic outdoor picnic. Place around a glass jar with a votive candle to make these lanterns functional.

July 4th crafts

Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

Don’t bring another American flag cake or fruit platter to the family festivities again this year. It’s been done. This delicious alternative is quick, easy, healthy (kinda), and just a little different. Plus, the kids will love helping just as much as you enjoy eating it. Try these white chocolate-dipped strawberries.

July 4th crafts


All images taken from respective craft sites.


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